ILG Registration and Certification

There has been alot of misinformation circulating with regard to the purpose and importance of registration of certification of ILGs (Incorporated Land Group) with the Department.

The registration of an ILG and Certification of the land it owns by Customary Lease officially recognises the group as the legal owners of the land specified.
This does not in any way give away control of the land concerned to the State or any other party.

All dealings related to the land specified as per Customary Lease can only be done through the group.
The process of registration ultimately ensures that the interests of all family incorporated under the group and their land are protected for generations.

There have been many instances of individuals selling land without consultation with other family members, and this has created huge land ownership conflicts.
The ongoing sale of traditional land by individuals with personal interests will eventually result in landowners becoming spectators on their own land, and this is a growing concern for us and communities around the country.

The interests of customary land and customary landowners are protected and legally bound under an ILG and by compulsory lease certification.
This recognition by proper documentation of ownership and title formally grants landowners united under ILG ALL powers for ALL dealings related to their land.