Launching the National Capital District Settlement to Suburb Program with Governor Powes Parkop and Housing Minister and Moresby North-East MP John Kaupa.

The NCD Settlement to Suburb Program is one of the greater pillars that we stood for in the 2017 General Elections, and this occasion is our first step towards achieving this. 
The ultimate result and intention of this program is for better standard and quality of life for the people of our electorates, especially in the settlements.
Our peoples living conditions in the city settlements has been accepted as normal for the last four decades since Independence. The time has come to draw the line, that the condemned living conditions of our people living in settlements is unacceptable and is not Normal.
Additionally, figures from the last Population Census in 2010 concluded that there were 20 Planned Settlements and 79 Unplanned Settlements.
Of these figures, 44 settlements were located on State land, while there were 37 on customary land.
These figures clearly post the challenges ahead, as we envisage them to have grown over the last 8 years to around 100 plus informal settlements. This is evidence enough that the settlement population would have grown to about half a million or more.

The program will ensure that all land currently squatted or settled on will be negotiated for, through the State or Customary landowners and properly acquired. All portions will then be surveyed, sub-divided and titled to each family. This identification and allocation process will require close consultation amongst our people and the NCDC team. 
At the end of the day, our people are afforded the security of their homes into the future.
Once this process is complete, it will allow access for all essential public utilities, service and infrastructure, including proper road network, water and power supply.
While the program will uplift the standard and quality of life of our people, it will also complement the transformation of Port Moresby city, as the nations capital.
While we have the capacity, resource and political will, there is no reason whatsoever to not deliver.

Lands Department under my leadership has been able to support the initial stages of this program, and I am satisfied that we can hand over 6 land titles to the NCDC, with land mass of 50 hectares.
This is for state land being currently squatted on.
I thank the Senior Department Management for ensuring all proper processes to finally hand over titled land to NCDC to commence the program.
I also thank the Housing Minister for the partnership through the commitment of close to 2000 houses under the Giveaway Scheme, for middle to low income earner housing.

I thank Governor Parkop for his vision for our people of the city, and the support of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.
The steadfast support of Hon. Peter O'Neill and Government for our plans for the Nations Capital at the National level is testament of a shared vision, and we will endeavor to ensure that this template eventually reaches out to the rest of the country.