Pastor arrested for fraudulent Land Title

The measures that we have taken within the Department to re-establish stringent processes to counter corrupt practises have resulted in a first for arrests under the new Fraud and Complaints Unit in the Department.

The support of Hon Jelta Wong Minister for Police, Police Commissioner Gari Baki and Matthew Damaru - Director National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate ensured the appointment of three(3) Officers to the Department, attached to the unit. This arrangement was critical for the Unit, especially due to the high volume of Allegations of Fraud and General Complaints reaching the Units desk. This huge task included just over 400 allegations and complaints.

The Arrest of Pastor Michael Jack of the Papua New Guinea New Christian Fellowship Gerehu is a result of the measures set out, and the experience attached most importantly to the current investigation team.
The arrest comes after investigations revealed that a fraudulent original title was acquired by the Pastor through Forgery, and was used to evict residents of the said piece of land.

The title document contained my forged signature, clearly passed through the process within the Department and corrupt legal procedure. The church has always played a huge part in the lives of our people, and the greed of individuals in positions of trust in the church takes away all its credibility.

The measures that we have established in Land Acquisition Processes within the Department has also ensured that the buck stops at my office, in close consultation with the Lands Board and Senior Management. The detection of this mal-practise is a result of individuals caught out in an effort to bypass correct procedure and title acquisition.

Investigations will continue in this case, with the revelation that more individuals in certain positions are implicated, and we will not stop until we get to the root cause. I thank the Police Minister and Ministry for the partnership in our efforts to rid the Department of Corrupt practises, and I look forward to the positive results and outcomes moving forward.


Information Courtesy of the Minister's Office