The new Lands Information Centre opens

The Lands Information Centre is long overdue, and will ease the huge problems faced previously, especially in client service at the department.  This is a result of collective effort by management to ensure that the public get the information that they require, all in one designated area.

Each desk will serve and provide the necessary information from each division in the department. Each division will ensure that a designated staff is available to serve and provide information required by the public on client day.

All work stations are connected to information from each division through the Land Information System, and will be manned by officers from particular divisions. Gone are the days of unnecessary and uncoordinated processes within the department, with all information access available at this centre.

The centre complements our efforts for a much more professional workplace environment and better public service delivery mechanisms. The centre will be officially open for business beginning on Tuesday April 10.


Information Courtesy of the Minister's Office