Lands Secretary reinstated

As per the Courts decision, Secretary Sipison has been formally reinstated to his role at the Department.
In accordance with the Court Order, we have ensured that all process and procedure was followed to allow Secretary Sipison to settle back into his role.

While we welcome Secretary back into the organisation, I thank Tiri Wanga and Oswald Tolopa for their professionalism and efforts while acting in the role. In their capacities as acting Secretary, we have been able to successfully establish the initial processes and mechanisms that we set out for to counter the issues that have plagued the image and reputation of the Department of Lands and Physical Planning for years.

Our initial efforts to clean the Department and change public perception have been successful so far, and we will continue to fight the good fight, for the benefit of the people we serve. Mechanisms that are now in place include the reestablished Fraud and Complaints Unit in partnership with the Police Department, Land Information System and Centre, Records Scanning Centre, a revamped Records and Archives section, and the establishment of the SABL Committee among others.

An official meeting with Secretary prior to the Press Conference allowed us to clear and clarify the immediate challenges faced ahead and the need for greater stability at the Department. As Minister responsible, I have issued directives to Secretary to ensure a smooth transition, including job security for current employees.

Our milestones at the Department in the short time period is accredited to the professionalism, dedication and commitment of all department management and staff, and the last thing we want is a halt to our efforts.
I thank Secretary for his pledge of commitment to our cause and I look forward to continued successes.


Information Courtesy of the Minister's Office