Tubumaga Laurina Land Group receive ILG Certificate

Official Presentation of Certificate of Title as formal recognition of the Tubumaga Laurina Incorporated Land Group, and its ownership of its land portion around the Pari Village area. There is no outright purchase of customary land, and all land sold previously outside of this ILG must be recalled.

This recognition now allows for the Group to confront occupants and renegotiate sub-leases direct no matter who was responsible for the supposed sale. It allows the group to control all activity on the specified land portion under the ILG.

The Pari and Taurama areas have been great concern due to the absolute mess created by uncoordinated land sales, and this formal certification is a huge step in the right direction. It is the beginning of a journey for the Tubumaga Laurina Clan being formally recognized as a legal entity by law, and not just as traditional landowners.


Information Courtesy of the Ministers Facebookkpage