Launching of the Settlement to Suburb Program

Launching the Settlement to Suburb Program at Kabua Crescent Konedobu with Governor Powes Parkop.Kabua Crescent will be the pilot project under the program. It will be the model suburb and pave the way for the rest of the program in the city.

Additionally, a new Elementary and Primary school is part of development plans for state land located in the area, in partnership with Governor Parkop and NCDC. This school will be a first for Konedobu communities. Plans for this new school will affect families residing within state land earmarked for the project, however we will work closely with these families and individuals.

The Settlement to Suburb Program is one of the pillars that we stood for in the 2017 National General Elections, and I am happy that we can finally launch it.The program will begin with close consultation between home owners, their families and the Lands and Physical Planning Department, to ascertain true ownership of each property and block.

These will then go through the proper processes and procedures of the department before each property or block is to be titled and officially handed over to true home or block owners. As for multiple residents of an individual block, title will be given to one holder as agreed to by all. The official handover of title will then allow holder to develop his or her titled property according to the development plans set out in consultation with the Physical Planning office of the Department.

Our biggest issue in communities such as Kabua Crescent and all around the city has been the insecurities of our people of a home and a future for their children, and this program will ease these concerns greatly. This pilot project comes with great potential for opportunity for our people, as a catalyst to go about setting better living standards for themselves and their families.


Information Courtesy of the Ministers facebook page