Ela Beach Land NOT for Sale

Lands and Physical Planning Minister, Benny Allan has cleared the air over a recent newspaper front page report under the headline Ela Beach sale saga.
According to the newspaper report, Minister for Sports and Moresby South MP, Justin Tkatchenko had recently lashed out at the manner in which titles were issued to an individual to take over a public open space in light of the current construction works being carried out at the Ela Beach water front.

Minister Allan told Reporters in a press conference that the Ela Beach Land was not sold nor had it been put up for sale.“I want to make it clear that this piece of land was not sold. The minister got it wrong by saying that the land has been sold to this particular company.”

Minister Allan explained that the company Awak Holdings Limited together with 7 other companies had applied for that particular portion of land at Ela Beach and the processes of expression of interest together with the application process began in 2009 including presentations made to the NCD Physical Planning Board.

In May 2015,following the lodgment of an appeal, the PNG Land Board granted a state lease to the company Awak Holdings Limited, a nationally owned company for the development of portion 2848 enabling them to commence the current development works at the Ela Beach front.

For us as a Government, we want to support the SME policy because it is an important policy. We cannot be spectators all the time. The title was given to Awak Holdings and they have followed due processes and I have no problem with that.

The Minister added that all the trees at Ela Beach will be eventually be pulled down to make way for the upcoming four lane Paga Hill ring road which will see the beach being pushed a further 40 meters into the sea.
The development work by Awak Holdings will include a hotel and apartments with swimming pools and boardwalks for the public.