PNG Valuers Registration Board toughens its stance on valuers

The PNG Valuation Registration Board has announced it will be tough on all practicing Valuers throughout the country. Valuer General and Chairman of the PNG Valuation Registration Board, Gabriel Michael said for too long, the Board has not been sitting to consider the various criteria that valuers should be abiding by including the screening of certificates issued to for valuation projects.

He says there are two valuation licenses for Urban and Rural valuation and valuers must provide reports and specifics based on the criterias’ set by the Valuation Board in order to be issued a license over a valuation project.

He says the other thing the board will be monitoring now is the members’ registration. Mr. Michael says some of the valuers are practicing without registration and this must stop because it is illegal. He also called on the valuers who are not registered to stop signing on valuation certificates for the projects instead get themselves registered before involving in any valuation project.

He added that the Board had not been sitting for some time and these were some of the important things that have not been strictly monitored. The other areas that the board will now be closely monitoring include: annual registration of members. Mr. Michael says any valuer who fails to pay up his or her annual registration fee of K200 will have their licenses revoked.

Board Member, Thomas Bullen in sharing similar sentiments highlighted the engagement of overseas valuers saying it would be proper if they also liaise with the Valuation Registration Board’s criteria’s adding that these would also give an opportunity for them to share experiences or other expertise with our local valuers.

The PNG Valuers’ Registration Board currently has a total of 48 members however, they have not been holding regular meetings over the recent years and this year 2014 will see the board more active under the leadership of Mr. Michael.

The board is now calling on all graduate valuers to come forward and get registered as part of the requirements of obtaining a valuation license.