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Grant of Leases

The Land Board considers all applications referred to it and recommend to the Minister to grant State Leases on the merits of the application to the person(s), incorporated group, company.
All applications for lease of State land are considered on their individual merits and, until approved by the Minister, no guarantees can be given that an application will ultimately be successful.
The Minister upon received of the Land Boards recommendation may grant or reject the application and direct the Land Board for re-hearing. When the Minister grants the leases recommended by the Land Board, that decision is published in the National Government Gazette under the heading Successful Applicant.
The Minister under Section 72 of the Land Act 1996, may grant lease direct without having the application first considered and recommended to him by the Land Board.

Lease Terms and Conditions.

The terms and conditions of all state leases are set by the Land Board except where the Minister grants a lease direct, the Minister acts on a report provided to him by the Department and sets the terms and conditions of the State Leases.

For variation of any terms and conditions of a State lease, application should be made on the prescribed tender or application form with fees paid and application lodged with the Land Allocation Section.