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Renewal of Lease

The Land Allocation Section within the Land Administration Division is responsible for receiving and processing of all renewal applications for State Leases through to Land Board for grant of the renewal application.
The Leaseholders are required to observe the expiry date of the lease period on their Title to avoid making application for renewal after the lease has expired. It is important that all the leaseholders are aware of the fact that when the State lease expires, legally you do not own the land eventhough you have rights and interest to the improvement thereon.
When making an application for renewal of the lease, the leaseholder or the applicant is required to perform the following before lodgment of the application;

  • pay all outstanding lease rentals on the original lease
  • maintain the improvement covenant stipulated on the original lease title
  • pay the renewal application fee and attach receipt. Click here for fees and charges on the various lease type.

All applications will be referred to the Land Board accompanied with a report from the Department. The Department prior to submitting that report will investigate to ensure that you have met the above requirements. The Department's report basically will be focus on the some of the following;

  • The current land use and its potential.
  • The planning requirements, the subject land may be declared re-development zoned which will aftect the renewal application as it is simply renewing of the same lease type.
The Land board will consider the applicants and will make a recommendation to the Minister on the merits of the application. The Minister may grant or reject the application. If the application is rejected the applicant may follow the normal process of appeal.