Ministry of Lands & Physical Planning

Message from the Minister


I warmly welcome you to this 'New Look' Lands and Physical Planning (DLPP) website. As the Minister for Lands, I believe this initiative is a way forward in documenting current developments in my ministry as well as the department.

The need to have such medium of communication is so that the bulk of our stakeholders and development partners both within the country and abroad are kept abreast of the department’s numerous activities, programs and services.

As the sole regulator of land in Papua New Guinea, the Department of Lands has been on many occasions bombarded with countless negative media publicity with concerns on how land deals were been conducted in the past. 

Thus, the creation of this informative new look website seeks to highlight many positive developments currently happening in the organization, the setbacks and what is expected to improve the image of the department. It also creates avenue for dialogue particularly issues on land and the way forward. The establishment of the Complaints Desk which is intended to address the complaints, allegations and many other issues related to land dealings is such and has been incorporated in this website for your convenience.

Despite the negative publicity about the department, my department secretary, Romilly Kila Pat and I have taken the challenge of its negativity and are now embarking on a number of policy, legislative and administrative areas with the view towards improving its performance. This is so that it can assist the country’s development in a more proactive and transparent manner, in order to change the public perception of the department. As such the website is one medium that will enable us to convey government’s policy on land to the public.

One of the aims of the department and the ministry as a whole is to avail land to improve the quality of life for all citizens of PNG. That has and will be the main focus of the land administration system for now and in the future.

The main features of the DLPP website includes the following:

  • Department’s Vision and Mission.
  • Major Services provided by the department (includes Service fee charges and downloadable forms).
  • Major roles and functions of each division, including the Minister and Secretary’s Offices.
  • News and events on the latest happenings within the department as well as around PNG.
  • The quarterly LandTok Newsletters
  • Photo Gallery on major land developments currently taking place within the city and around PNG.
  • Useful Gov’t links; links of other gov’t departments and agencies accessible from DLPP Website.
  • Complaints desk contacts
  • Public Notices
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Department’s Contacts

Once again, I welcome you to this new look and informative website.

 Hon. Benny Allan, MP
Minister for Lands & Physical Planning