"Land is availed and Utilized to improve the lives of all citizens of Papua New Guinea".



"To promote the best use of land in Papua New Guinea in the interest of all citizens, individually and collectively by ensuring that an orderly process exists to be made available for sustainable economic and social developments and that land rights are guaranteed".


News Updates

National Land Summit 2019

Issues, Mainpoints and Adopted Resolutions.

Minister's openning Remarks

The Lands and Physical Planning Department upon the advice of acting Secretary Oswald Tolopa and under my direction re-established the Land Acquisition Claims Screening Committee.

Message by the Prime Minister

There has been alot of misinformation circulating with regard to the purpose and importance of registration of certification of ILGs (Incorporated Land Group) with the Department.

Launching the NCD Settlement to Suburb Program

The NCD Settlement to Suburb Program is one of the greater pillars that we stood for in the 2017 General Elections, and this occasion is our first step towards achieving this.

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