"Land is availed and Utilized to improve the lives of all citizens of Papua New Guinea".



"To promote the best use of land in Papua New Guinea in the interest of all citizens, individually and collectively by ensuring that an orderly process exists to be made available for sustainable economic and social developments and that land rights are guaranteed".

Outlining the Vision and Aims of the department

Hon. Benny Allan, MP – Minister for Lands & Physical Planning
In an economy such as ours, where almost over 80 percent of the population's economic activity is in agriculture and land, policy and regulation on these two should not be burdensome: the system in regard to procedures and processes to acquire a land title and credit should be less costly, nearer to the people, rather transparent, efficient, and should be implemented in a simple, consistent way regardless of connections, political affiliation, one's education, or whether man or woman.

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News Updates

Lands Secretary reinstated

As per the Courts decision, Secretary Sipison has been formally reinstated to his role at the Department. In accordance with the Court Order, we have ensured that all process and procedure was followed to allow Secretary Sipison to settle back into his role.

Pastor arrested for fraudulent Land Title

The measures that we have taken within the Department to re-establish stringent processes to counter corrupt practises have resulted in a first for arrests under the new Fraud and Complaints Unit in the Department.

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